KIK Messenger is the most popularly used web-based messaging application which is a bit different than the other messaging and video calling applications. But, what is interesting about this application is that it can be downloaded and used without any mobile number. This is something which makes it different from all other messaging applications out there. But, not people are lucky enough to have this application downloaded on their Android device and for such users, there are some alternatives to KIK Messenger which they may download. Below is the list of Best KIK Alternative for Android.

KIK Alternative For Android – Apps Like Kik

KIK Alternative

Best KIK Alternative For Android

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Line
  • WeChat

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the best and widely used messaging and video calling application which you can download in place of KIK Messenger. It has hundreds of competitors in the market, but it always excels in terms of features. Facebook the popular social media application has owned the WhatsApp messaging application and after this, it has gained immense popularity and people across the world are using it for texting, messaging and video calling their contacts. It extracts the contact list and let you know who are using WhatsApp so that you can initiate the chat and enjoy it online.

2. Viber

Another popular and widely used messaging application is Viber which comes with some of the amazing and surprising benefits. This is the instant messaging and video calling application and it uses your phone number for registration. The signup process is very promising and keeps the spam messages away. For every incoming message, the application notifies you. All you need to do is to link your phone number with the application and it will extract the details of Viber users in your contact list. It also comes with emotions and stickers which you can use while messaging.

3. Line

Line is another coolest messaging application and the ultimate alternative to KIK Messenger. Around 500 million people across the world are using this messaging application and it is officially available at Google Play Store. This messaging application offers you with the benefits of unlimited messaging, voice calling and video calling and even group chatting with your contacts for free. The application also comes with some online stickers and emotions which you can use while chatting or video calling your contacts.

4. WeChat

The last and best alternative to KIK Messenger is WeChat. This is one of the oldest and widely used messaging applications and the platform is originated from China and it has over billions of users across the world. This messaging application comes with some great and amazing features including sharing of media files, unlimited messaging amongst the contacts. Group chatting and video calling and even voice calling benefits. It also has a WeChat Friend Radar feature which helps you to find nearby people with just a shake of the phone.

These were some of the applications which you can download when KIK Messenger is not working or you are unable to get the application running on your Android device. All these apps are free and you can find the official app on the Play Store.