KIK for iPhone: KIK is the popularly used text messaging application which was launched a few years back and it was first launched for only Android devices. However, this messaging application is now very popular and widely used because of the fact that it requires a valid email ID instead of mobile number of registration with the app. Although there are many such messaging application available, but people usually find KIK message an added advantage for their messaging needs. Many people don’t prefer using their mobile number and hence with the valid email, they can register and enjoy the same benefits with this messaging application. Now, iOS version of KIK messenger is launched and all iOS users can download KIK on their respective iOS device including iPhone and Mac PC.

Downloading KIK for iPhone and Mac

KIK for iPhone

KIK is the official application and it is legally available on the App Store of all iOS devices. And hence you can get the application for free from your Apple App Store or iTunes. Below is the step by step guide to Download KIK for Mac/iPhone, iOS Devices.

  • Launch the App Store on your iPhone and go to the search bar of the application
  • In the search box type “KIK Messenger” and hit the enter bar
  • You will find a list of application and from the search result you need to click on KIK Messenger icon in the App Store
  • Tap on it and get the application downloaded on your iPhone
  • The application will start getting downloaded and it will install automatically
  • You may be asked to provide your Apple ID and password and you need to enter it correctly to complete the downloading

System Requirements for Successful Download KIK for iPhone/Mac iOS Devices  

If you are unable to download KIK messenger on your Mac PC, then you are required to check a few things and update it according to download the KIK messenger on your Mac.

  • You first need to update the operating system of your Mac to iOS 8.1 or above
  • There must be 150MB space available on the HDD of your Mac. So delete unnecessary items and files from the HDD for successful downloading of the KIK messenger on your Mac
  • KIK Messenger can only be downloaded on iPhone and hence iPad and iPod users must restrain form downloading it as it won’t support in such device apart from iPhone and Mac.

KIK Login

As already mentioned, KIK messenger is slightly different from all other applications out there. You are required to follow a few simple steps to complete the registration process. You need to follow the below steps carefully.

  • After successful installation of KIK messenger, you need to sign up as a first time user.
  • Enter all details like first name, last name and select the KIK username
  • Enter the email address and enter a strong password for your messenger app
  • Tap on sign up and you are done with the registration process

You need to start making friends and start chatting with them on KIK messenger through your iPhone or Mac device.